Box sets


So lately there have been a lot of box sets available to readers in a variety of genres. Some collections have several authors, some are a collection from one author, they are geared toward a particular genre, or as in the case of the latest one I am participating in, a holiday theme. Some readers wonder why so many are being made available and the reason is the readers want them. They are a win/win for readers and authors. They are usually priced cheaply, the set Alien Kisses and Holiday Wishes is on preorder for only .99 ( ) which gives readers a chance to discover new authors sometimes in the same set as authors they already enjoy or to read a new series at an incredibly discounted price. You might ask, what do authors get out of it? They get the opportunity to be read by people that might not otherwise even find their books except by happenstance. Exposure is important to authors, even well established ones. It is also nice sometimes to write something a little different and give the readers a naughty Christmas!

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