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Scandalous Summer!

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She was looking at a lifetime of loneliness and a past of meaningless hookups. Roc had decided a long time ago if she couldn’t have him, she wouldn’t accept anyone as a life mate. Things had changed, but had they really changed that much?

Simon had loved that woman since she was barely more than a child. Could he convince her that they didn’t need to live eternity faced with more regrets? Hell, could he even keep her alive long enough to mate her if she said yes?

The first of the Cousins of the Moon trilogy. Female white wolves and male vampires, a relationship so forbidden, and with good reason since many mates had been drained as blood fever for the sweetest blood of all could make a vampire forget to stop until there was no blood left.

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The third book in the trilogy is almost done and will be out soon. Will you be ready to see if Frankie finds her forever? Read Evry Night and A Chance for Helena first.


It’s just no strings sex, until it isn’t. One of them is going to get hurt, maybe both of them.

The last of the trilogy will soon be available.

Alex is a powerful vampire and he’s tasted love before. He wants nothing to do with it again.

Frankie is a white wolf that’s changed and she knows Alex is her fated mate but the guy is such a prick.

It’s hard to run from your fated mate but they will each give it their best shot. Who knows what might happen?


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