Berryville, AR

Bio: I am a sci fi/fantasy- paranormal /romance writer. My first book is Planet Amazon the Rebirth. My hobbies are reading a variety of genres, travel, and watching movies.

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25 responses to “About

  1. helen Binihakis

    Hello, I en joyed your book throughly . I got hooked on Nickey Charles, and have read over 500 novels since then 2 years now with my nook. I have read only books and manuals being a banker and thought blood and guts as so gross and totaly a waste of time. I Loved your book it was fantastic. I feel in love with the White Wolf you made your characters believeable and your writting is a joy. Just Right perfect !,, I would like a list of them to buy them all!

  2. Jennifer

    Wow I just finish reading The Forgotten Ones What a book I didnt want to put it down and when i did, all i was doing was thinking of next time to pick up my Nook and continue reading. I enjoy the chemistry between Ariel & Blake and how she loved this man WHY took so long to tell him I Luv U, and he to her. So protective of her family can’t wait to start on book 2. When will Book 4 The Prodigal Son be release?

  3. Sandra

    I really ejoyed your werewolf series is boolk 5 THE LEGEND OF THE WHITE WEREWOLF 5, Drakes desire is it part of the same series, when will it be out and will it be frere as we’ll? YOUR BOOKD ARE GREAT

  4. Pernille

    Dear Crystal

    I would love to read your “Strictly-series”, however, I can’t Seem to find Them online anywhere.

    Can you please provide me with a place I Can buy the online versions?

    • I’m sure it’s a nice series but it’s not mine. It’s a different Crystal Dawn and there are several. I’ve looked and it is on Goodreads. While they don’t sell books, they tell you where you can find them. Good luck and happy reading!

  5. Eve Anderson

    Like to subscribe to page & newsletter.

  6. TerrieMeer

    The link to subscribe is broken.

  7. Lisa

    When will ZORTH (Witch Way #1) be available on B&N?

  8. Lisa

    I was just wondering when ZORTH (Witch Way #1) will be available on B&N. I noticed it is no longer on Kindle Unlimited but it has yet to show up on B&N. Thanks.

  9. You are right, it isn’t on KU anymore. The reason is because it’s going in a boxed set. I’m not sure at this point if I can put him on B&N or not, but the boxed set will be on there. Boxed sets are a great value and I will be letting everyone know when it is available.

  10. Illana Flint

    In what order are the Zodiac books to be read?

  11. Barb

    Do u have a newsletter?

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