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The Legend of Werewolves


I write paranormal romance both erotic and just romantic. I have found the werewolf to be my main though not only subject. Werewolves are fascinating in a romantic and scientific way. Nearly every part of the world has some form of legend about these mystifying creatures and no one really knows where the legends began with any certainty. It makes it easy to imagine that they could be real and might even be that boy or girl next door.

The legends of werewolves, also called lycanthropes, are some of the oldest tales of monsters on Earth. There are records throughout history and at various location throughout the world, of persons tried for being werewolves. Those hunts for werewolves to put on trial were little different than the witch hunts and often witches were also accused of being werewolves. Many of these hunts ended in execution of the accused.

There is no doubt that the belief in werewolves was strong even as late as the fifteen hundreds when two men were convicted of being lycanthropes and executed. Don’t feel sorry for them because while the only proof they were werewolves were witness statements, there was proof that they were serial killers and cannibals.

In our time, while many don’t believe there truly are werewolves, some of us may look suspiciously at that gorgeous guy next door that takes runs at midnight under the full moon and wonder. Once he’s off and running we might hear a howl split the night and a shiver might run down our spine and we might wonder what things we’ve read about werewolves are true.

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