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Amazing giveaway!


Don’t forget to put your name in for this incredible giveaway from some of you favorite Paranormal Romance Authors. You’ll enjoy some great books and you might win a prize. Starts December 31st and ends January 3rd!


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The Day After Christmas Event


Each for less than a dollar! Have you been naughty? We don’t care! Here’s bargains galore to make up for whatever you didn’t get under the tree. Happy reading!


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Why Do We Love Boxed Sets?

Boxed sets, I didn’t discover them right away, not as a reader or as an author. I began to notice them and they seemed like such a good deal I was wary of them. When I finally decided to buy one, I thought it was wonderful. I liked every story, that is not common, but that was my first experience. Since then I have gotten many boxed sets at a variety of prices with a different number of stories but they have all been a great deal.

Why do authors sell or even give away such wonderful sets? There are several reasons one being to reward their loyal readers. Another of course is to find new readers. It also gives authors a chance to work with other authors, publishers and people in the industry they might not know or don’t know well. It can be a good experience for a group of authors to work together. I know I have met authors I read and loved it. It can be networking at it’s finest.

Right now I have several boxed sets out or coming out that I know my readers will love in both Paranormal and Sci fi romance.

Alien Kisses and Holiday Wishes is on Kindle for .99 or Kindle Unlimited!

Genesis is on preorder for .99!


More boxed sets will be in my future. Happy reading!

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