Cousins of the Moon

Dawn A chance for Helena
I am currently working on the second book of the Cousins of the Moon Series, A Chance for Helena. It will be done early in November. This series is about vampires and werewolves, they are both drawn by the moon, each in their own way. There is a stigma to romance between the two kinds because werewolf blood is sweeter than the best chocolate and finer than the finest wines. Only the strongest vampire can resist the temptations of that marvelous blood once the first drop has hit his tongue. This is about those strong vampires, the white wolves that draw them, and the danger that dogs their every step.
If you haven’t read the first one, follow the link. It’s only .99.


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8 responses to “Cousins of the Moon

  1. Jennifer Rosales

    Please put me on your mailing list

  2. Drake’s Desire will be out soon. Hopefully by Christmas. I always put updates on my FB page as well as giveaways and other things of interest. You should check it out. I think you’d like it.

  3. Tracey

    How come I can’t get Evry Night on iBooks

    • I’d like to say it’s a funny story, but it’s not. It’s a glitch with the software that these sites use to check for objectionable material. Evry Night had a word
      or combination of words deemed unacceptable by their particular software. I would change it, but they don’t tell you what the problem is. Theirs is different from other sites because all the other usual sites carry this book. B&N won’t carry The McDougal Alpha which isn’t even erotic. These things sometimes make no sense and anyone who writes very many books will probably run into this issue eventually. I asked them to take a closer look at their decision but they stand firm. So far that’s the only book ibooks won’t carry. I’m sorry about it but at this point I just don’t know anyway to correct it.

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