The Legend of the White Werewolf Series

I am almost finished with the first book of a new series. The series is The Legend of the White Werewolf and the first book will be The Forgotten Ones. It is a Paranormal Romantic Suspense book. It will be available on Smashwords free within a month as a thank you to my readers both old and new. You guys are the best! The whole series will be available free as they are published. The next book in the series will be The Second Son and it will be out sometime later this year. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


April 21, 2013 · 10:54 pm

65 responses to “The Legend of the White Werewolf Series

  1. I read the book and now I am waiting for the next one. I really enjoyed my read. I would give it 5 stars.

    • Thank you. It is always nice when your work is appreciated. I am working on another concurrently running werewolf series with a slight crossover, so it will be a little longer for the next in the Legend series, The Second Son, to be published. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as well. Planet Amazon 2 is being published the traditional route first, and will probably not be out as soon. This is true, even though it is already at the publisher, but The Keepers of the Land, The Mcdougal Pack Alpha, and The Second Son, are only started, and not done yet.

      • Wow! Thanks for taking the time to answer, I feel special…keep writing good stories for us to read, I am heartily sick of all the BDSM stories, a good werewolf tales beats it every time.

  2. Kim

    I have red your book , couldn’t put it down, really loved it, can’t wait until the next one, keep writing!

  3. Tammy hunter

    I really enjoy the book but I hope the next book goes alittle more in detail of there sex lives. Good read though

    • Thanks. It really wasn’t intended to be erotic. Because there does seem to be a great deal of demand for that, I plan to have another series that will fill that need. I suppose paranormal makes readers think sex. My vampire series should have a lot of steamy, hot sex in it. That will probably be published in August, after Legend 2 and Keepers are out.

  4. Cathy wallis

    I love, love, love, stories about werewolfs and I was so excited to find your book series. Although I was disappointed. Even though the story was good, to me, I wanted to see them be wolfs more. They were human to much. It’s fun when they run and play, fight and be wolves too.
    Just my opinion, Cathy

    • I appreciate the comment and I understand your view. Since she was trying to hide the fact that she was a white wolf, she was more limited. Now that all the enemies seem to know who she is, secrecy won’t be the biggest issue anymore. Of course, even in human form you see hints of the wolf. There is already a little more wolf form in the spinoff series Keepers, than Legend had even though the first book is only halfway done. I think there will be more of that in the next Legend book as well, although I’m not sure it will be as much as you may crave. Maybe we can have more comments on what other readers want to get a consensus. Majority rules and writers want to give readers what they want if they can.

  5. I absolutely loved reading this book. I enjoyed the story as well as the way it has been written. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series and hope you have more books following many of the characters! X

  6. shelia ward

    Loved the book I’m looking foreard to the next one.

  7. Joyce Hays

    Absolutely love the first book. That the Forgotten Ones may look beyond Ariel’s family for white wolf ability really opens up the options for several books. Now anxiously awaiting the next book.

    • Joyce Hays

      (Beyond her immediate family)

    • Thanks. You are very perceptive. In the next book, you may start to see some of those possibilities. It also could(does) feed a spin off series or two.

      • Joyce Hays

        I’ve developed a great fondness for stories that have characters show up in one or more books and go on to be pivotal characters in their own right in other stories set in the same world. One of my favorite authors has over 30 books (most as trilogies) set in the same world that span a timeline of centuries. Your White wolf series has captivated me every bit as much as Andre Norton’s “Witch World” books, Mercedes Lackey’s “Valdemar” books, Tanya Huff, and Katherine Kurtz. I anticipate your joining these great ladies in many people’s opinion before too much longer.

  8. I like those kind of books as well. I loved Andre Norton’s books and read them when I was younger. I think a series gives you a feeling of continuity and once you know the background, you can just relax and enjoy the characters and their interactions. Legend is based on an secret existence set in our world, but for Planet Amazon, I got to create a whole universe. That is far more challenging, but I enjoyed doing both.

    • Joyce Hays

      I enjoy both as well and will be checking out your other books. I also want to say thank you for making your e-books available on Nook at such a great price. Authors that do have opened up so many more authors for me to try. I truly appreciate having access to authors I might not otherwise be able to explore.

  9. I’m happy to. If you read Planet Amazon, do the part 1 & 2 version. I made corrections on it and the formatting is much better. Part 1 is free on Smashwords and should be anywhere it’s available.

  10. Alecia Simpson

    I really loved this book and am really looking forward to the series. I appreciate that the series will be free, but loved the first book so much I would be willing to pay for the other books. I absolutely love paranormal and werewolf books as it is the least like reality and helps me escape some of the not so fun stuff with real life. So I read them all the time. πŸ™‚ You did an amazing job pulling me into the story and keeping me engaged. I really appreciated that the lead character was an author who I’m sure experiences some of the same things that you do as an author yourself. It sounds like there is definitely some personal experiences and feelings that went into the characters story and personality. It made the character more interesting and believable. This is the first book that I have read that really does that (and really well) and it just made the story that much better and exciting to follow. I am really looking forward to the next book and cannot wait till August! Thank you for such a fun series!!!

    • Thank you for your positive comments. I think a lot of authors do try to use some of their own experiences when they work with developing their characters. One of the most common pieces of advice given to writers is to work as much as possible with what you know.

  11. This was a great book need more please tell me how I can get more in this series for free and some of the other books you said about in this book I have read just about all the books on wear wolves I love them a and a big love of wolves.

    • Thank you for your positive comments. There are several other writers that have free books available. I love Nicky Charles who does werewolf books which are all free and Jan Gordon who does other were groups and hers are also free. Janet MacDonald and T.A. Grey both have some were wolf books free but I enjoy all their books even those that aren’t wolf. I will have a book out soon for a new series. It is wolf, but not free, though I will keep prices reasonable. The next Legend will be out by August(or hopefully sooner) and it will be free since Legend of the White Wolf is a free series.

  12. I really enjoyed the first book. It is a really great story and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  13. Hazel

    I really enjoy your book. I can’t wait unitl park two comes out. Is there a way to be addded to a list to be notify when book 2 is available. Thanks

  14. Looking forward to the next book in the series. I loved the details.

  15. I absolutely love ur book series all the suspense is intense.Book series are my favoreit kind of books sometimes I find my self in the characters shoes and can anticipate their next move and those are the books I find myself wanting more of. I started reading your first book and wouldn’t sleep until I read it all and then had to find the next book and wouldn’t put it down.
    Authors like u come once in awhile and are hard to find so I’m glad I found this series.

  16. Jeannie.

    Just read the 2nd book. Can’t wait for the next one ..the number of books in this series could be endless with the intro of new family members..even if not free in the future, you’ve got a fan.

    • Thank you. Legend books will continue to be free, but spinoffs aren’t. I’m a big believer in giving a little back. I love free books and think they’re a great way to thank readers. I agree with the limitless possibilities. Cousins of the Moon and Keepers are direct spin offs from Legend and Blue Moon Pack has shared elements from it.I hope to have the next Legends out before the end of the year.

  17. Jill Wilson

    I have finished your second book of the legend of the white werewolf…. and found it fanastic., I could not put the book down. I am now wondering when the third book will be available to read…..
    Many thanks

  18. PhePhe

    I really enjoyed the first book. This was a well plotted book, with a great story and continuity. This book did not depend on excessive erotica to make it good. I look forward to reading the next books in the series. Thanks for making them free, but I’ve got to tell you I would have paid for the next ones in the series, because the first one was so good.

  19. Heather

    Loving the series and the fact that your offering this fantastic world to us for free. Loved the story plot and all the characters. Would like to see Blake take charge and be that strong take charge Alpha. I am just beginning the second book though. Love love love what your doing…keep up the awesome work. We (readers) are dedicated and with you all the way.

  20. I loved the book White Wolf. It was fast and easy to read. I would read you books amy time

  21. Karla

    Loved the
    Legend of the White Werewolf…. I am so looking forward to the next one. E-mail notification is available to know when that is available would be so nice. Thank you for providing such good reading for free–I am on limited income and was wonderful surprise-:)

  22. cheryl

    I just finished the book. Amazing story. I enjoyed the characters and the journey you have taken me on. Can’t wait for book 2. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  23. Margaret White

    I’ve just started reading your works (Legend of the white werewolf series. Looking forward to reading your collection.

  24. Frederick (rick) Badershall

    I had a hard time putting the book down, I realy liked the ending. Very good book and look forward to reading more. Thank you for your work you put into it.

  25. Patricia

    I just finished reading your first white werewolf book I loved it can’t wait for the next one have a great weekend.

  26. Sally Almendarez

    Just ready the last of the legend of the white werewolf series ” Boomer’s Beauty ” I love the series can’t wait to read Milton’s Mate. Will it be out soon?

  27. Cretia

    I just started reading your books/White wolf seres on my nook/Barnes and Nobles (no Kindle) 3 weeks ago and I can not put it down. My question though is where can I find a read/order list? Because even though I started with the Legend of the white wolf but it goes off into other series and I find myself stopping reading a book/series because a character in that book have gotten together and I missed their story :-(. So I am hoping around from one series to another in hopes not to have missed any. Plus the saddest part is most of them are in/on Amazon/kindle. Please point me in the right direction to the list of books/ series as written because I do not want to miss any of this books/series.

    • Thank you. The only ones that aren’t on Amazon are the Legend books and that is because it is hard to get Amazon to approve free books. I did finally manage to get a book on Amazon free, but it isn’t permafree(So grab it for free while you can) like the Legend series and it is a dragon shifter story. Legends is the first series and all the other wolf books except for the Red wolf are based on it. Even the red wolf stories(there is only one right now but will be more) are set in the same world as the white wolf books and characters may be seen in them. There is no reading order list but Keepers and Legend but I was writing legend 1 then Keepers 1 back and forth until the last keepers. Keepers is the only completed series. The other series were started when a character made themselves known and insisted on being introduced to the world. Some can be very pushy and they dominate my thoughts until they are set free. I’ll leave you with the link for my free dragon shifter prequel in case you’re interested.

  28. when is the next book for The Legend of the White Werewolf out book &

  29. Robin

    ,I just finished The Forgotten Ones, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I found a few typos, but throughout the reading was fine, the story well-thought-out, the writing excellent, characters strong and engaging, and it left me wanting much, much more! Thanks for a great read !

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it and it is just the first of an ongoing series that currently has 6 books. Number seven, Milton’s Mate will be published before Christmas. They should be available at the same venue.

  30. Ruby

    Just finished reading it. Love, looking forward to reading the second book.

    Great read.

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