Zodiac Shifters: Guarded in Love


A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.


Guarded in Love

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Release date: January 8, 2019


Dreamwalker, Sybil Murray knew what love was the moment she met Dean Williams. But being the self-controlled, stubborn, Capricorn that she is, she let him walk away and didn’t chase after him. If the sexy and rugged bear shifter wanted to keep his distance, then she wasn’t about to beg for a second chance.

And when visions of Dean begin to plague her dreams, Sybil knows that danger is closing in on him. Determined to warn Dean without falling prey to his charms, she sets out to protect the only man she’s ever loved. But suddenly, Dean isn’t the only one in danger. Escaping her dreams is beginning to be harder than ever. Will Dean and Sybil find a way to rekindle what they once had or will they become nothing more than a faded memory?


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It was sinking in now, what she was saying. Dean was becoming visibly distraught the more she spoke. His eyes had gone wide and his breathing gone shallow.

“Can’t you do something?” he asked. “You’ve seen it. So…so change it.”

“It doesn’t work like that. I’m only a witness to events, nothing I’ve ever done changed the outcome before.”

She felt tired. Telling him was a relief but also a burden. She should have kept it to herself and left here, go back home with him none the wiser.

“So, you came here to tell me that I’m going to be shot and you are going to die?”

“Kind of. Just the first part.” She hadn’t meant to tell him about her.

Dean stood, ran his hands through his hair. He took a few steps forward then turned. “How?” he demanded. “How will it happen?”

He couldn’t get himself to say the words and she loved him for it. “In my sleep. It’s something that happens to my kind. It’s already hard to get back. I sleep most of the day now and soon I won’t be able to pull myself back here. When that happens, my body will go into something like a coma.”

His mouth hung open as he looked at her horrified. “Doesn’t this bother you?”

“Yes,” she answered calmly. “But I’ve come to terms with it.”

“How could you not have told me any of this? I could have-”

“Done nothing,” she finished while standing and walking across the room to him. Sybil grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He’d never understand her reasoning, which was fine as long as he learned to accept it, and maybe even forgive her at some point. “I didn’t tell you because what we had was perfect. Why ruin a good memory?”

God, was that all they were, a memory? Even as she said it she knew it was wrong. Dean did too. His lips flattened into a thin line as his eyes glossed over.

“I never wanted to be just a memory.”

About the Author

K.C. Stewart is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Hailey Holloway series and most recently, the Adirondack Pack series. All her life she had fantasized and day-dreamed on a regular basis but it wasn’t until she began writing short stories that she made those fantasies a reality. She has graduated to novels but still dabbles in the occasional flash fiction and short story.  She supports her gummy bear habit in Pennsylvania with her husband and german shephards. 

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