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Dragon Glass by Kathryn M Hearst

 Lord of House Scorpio, Zale Argyris is a man who rules his people and his emotions. Few would guess that beneath his calm, cool exterior are wounds as deep as the ocean. After an encounter with a female dragon leaves him injured, he suspects the fates do in fact have a twisted sense of humor—the rogue dragon is his mate.

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Mericela Christou has lived on borrowed time since childhood. When a man washes up on her beach, she’s caught between following doctor’s orders and spending one night behaving like a normal woman—not that normal women rescue sexy, castaway billionaires.

The tentative peace of the four dragon races is threatened when a new power rises…and Meri must decide between playing it safe or risking everything for her future—a future where she could lose more than her heart.

Dragon Glass

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“Wait.” Zale pushed himself upright and slung his legs over the side of the bed.

Meri hurried to his side. “You really shouldn’t get up.”

He shook his head and pushed to his feet.

“Oh!” She gasped and spun on her heel.

Despite his lack of equilibrium and the throbbing in his side, Zale laughed. He guessed Meri was in her mid-twenties, but she had an innocence about her that made her seem younger.

“I’ll get you a…” She scurried into the bathroom and returned with one hand covering her eyes and the other holding a towel.

“Thank you.” Zale wrapped it around his hips. “It’s safe to lower your hand.”

She peeked between her fingers and laughed.

“Americans.” He took a step toward the bathroom.

“Europeans.” Meri held her arms wide at her sides, reminding him of a mother waiting to catch a toddler taking his first steps.

“We aren’t the ones hung up on sex.” He stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain shut.

“Touché.” Meri’s voice rose over the falling water. “Are you dizzy? Should I wait?”

“If you wouldn’t mind staying…” Zale entertained the idea of feigning weakness so she’d join him. Despite her shortcomings as a human, he’d enjoyed making her blush.

“Oh. Sure, I mean. Of course.”

“Thank you.” He allowed the water to loosen his bandages before peeling them off. The wounds had barely healed. Zale pressed his hand to the wall to remain upright.

Unhealed wounds led to scars. Had the feral female marked him? Had he found his mate? Would fate be so cruel to bind someone in his position to a rogue?

“Mr. Argyris?”

He shook himself from his thoughts. “Please, call me Zale.”

“Is that a family name? I’ve never heard it.”

“Yes. It means power of the sea.” He pressed his fingers to the tattered skin and hissed. Mate or not, I’m going to hunt her down and make her pay.

The human’s voice rose. “Everything okay?”

“Where are you from? Meri, Meri with cheeks as red as a berry.” Zale cringed. Had those words actually come from his mouth?

“East Central Texas. Where men don’t wash up on beaches or walk around without clothes.” Her laughter warmed him almost as much as her touch.

“How long have you lived on Psara?” he asked, washing the sea from his skin.

“A little over fifteen years. We moved here when I was nine. I’m guessing you’re Greek?”

“That’s correct.”

“Your English is very good.”

He rinsed off and parted the curtain enough to retrieve the towel. “Thank you. I’ve lived all over the world.”

Meri stood, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “I’ll give you some privacy.”

“And perhaps some food and a phone?”

Her smile might have fooled some people, but not him. It was as hollow as his stomach.

“Will you show me your sea glass when you return? I’m a bit of a collector myself.”

Her eyes lit when she met his gaze. “Sure.”

Warmth flowed over him like a swift current. His heart sat up and took notice, as did his dragon, and parts lower on his body.

“I’ll be right back.”

Zale stayed in the bathroom until the bedroom door closed. Once back in bed, he pulled a second blanket over himself. The temperature in the room had dropped ten degrees with her departure.

“Meri, Meri…how does your garden grow?”

About the Author

Kathryn M. Hearst

Kindle Scout winning author, Kathryn M. Hearst is a southern girl with a love of the dark and strange. She has been a storyteller her entire life, as a child, she took people watching to new heights by creating back stories of complete strangers. Besides writing, she has a passion for shoes, vintage clothing, antique British cars, music, musicians and all things musical (including theater). Kate lives in central Florida with her chocolate lab, Jolene; and two rescue pups, Jagger and Roxanne. She is a self-proclaimed nerd, raising a nerdling.


Connect with Kathryn:


Twitter: @KathrynMHearst



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