More free books!

Sergeant at Arms is my new alien dragon shifter story that is available on most venues for free. It is a novella and the prequel to what will be a total of six including it. Links are below:
In case you’re following The Legend of the White Werewolf, Book 6, Boomer’s Beauty is available on smashwords and will soon be everywhere but Amazon. Link beloD_-_Wolf_(3)w:


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8 responses to “More free books!

  1. Lynn

    Thank You for adding me!

  2. paige

    I was just wondering when to expect Milton’s mate? I have read and re-read all the white werewolf series and I’m pretty anxious for the next!

  3. gay crenshaw

    I was wondering if Darius the witch will find the mate he was looking for. The last I saw of him, he was still with Rock’s pack.

    • He’s not scheduled for a book, but it’s possible if inspiration smacks me in the face. Zorth is the first of the Witch Way Series and the second is already committed to Yarrow, Zorth’s cousin but who knows after that? What would you like to see for him?

  4. Is possible to post when you’re releasing new books? I loved reading your books and look forward to reading more. I would love to pre- order them.

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