Reese is the first of the Red Wolf series and is available on Kindle unlimited for three months before he becomes available on all the usual venues. This world ties in with the white wolf world and even has some contact with characters from it. The way their pack is set up is a whole town where most citizens are werewolves. Reese is not the pack alpha, but his authority equals his. Follow the link to discover the world of the red wolf as it begins.


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  1. Nan George

    I have a nook andhave paid for all of The legend of the white werewolf series. I can get the first book in a new series and can not get the rest. Some dating from 2013 and 2014. How can i get the rest of your books to finish the series. I have 5 series started now. They have improved with each book and more details and am anxious to continue them. Thank you for your time.

    • Most of my books should be available on B & N, but if you have trouble finding them there, or just want to find a listing to be sure you are finding them all, this page has all of them except Reese,
      Some of the first of a series, like Xanterie, which is not a white wolf book nor is it under Crystal Dawn, and Reese, which is a Red Wolf book, are on Kindle Unlimited for three months before they are available to nook. It may be that only one is in the series so far. Blue Moon Pack, Wilde pack, and Southwest Illinois Pack don’t have a second book yet but I hope to have one for each this year. Keepers of the Land is a completed series now with 6 books. Legend of the White Werewolf has 5 and will have its sixth book this summer. If this wasn’t helpful, just let me know and I’ll try to get you more information.

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