The Legend Grows

In May, I published the fourth book in The Legends of the White Wolf Series, The Prodigal Son. The Legend series will continue with book 5, Drake’s Desire, which will be out by the end of the year, hopefully.

The Legend has taken on a life of its own with several spin off series the newest of which will be Southwest Illinois Pack. The first of this new series will be Falling Rain and I hope to see it published by the end of this month.


Falling Rain

Laurel is sad and lonely since she met Rain. She thought it was something special but she’ll admit she doesn’t understand males especially wolves.
Rain has been trying to reach Laurel but it seems she has frozen him out. His calls aren’t answered and the emails that come back to him are cold and business like. Is it a case of out of sight out of mind?
It seems there are forces at work that don’t want them together and danger lurks around every corner. Can they fight through all the trouble that heads their way and defeat it? Can they overcome the others that would change them and claim them? Are they really true mates or just infatuated? Come along for the ride as their story takes twists and turns that surprise even Rain and Laurel.
Graphic sex for mature readers only. M/M M/F M/F/M


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15 responses to “The Legend Grows

  1. sounds like a great read

  2. nikid

    looks like a great story.

  3. Tabitha Jones

    sounds interesting

  4. xenamolly

    Thanks for your donation to the raffle and yours books sound awesome

  5. Lobe the White wolf series! Have a hunger for more in the series, as well as, how the story is written– seeing into the indivdual’s thoughts! Keep up the series

  6. Christine

    can’t find it or Hermes on B&N

  7. Have enjoyed all your books. Keep them coming. Waiting for more on the Strong Pack. Also, love your Frozen Origin. Great stories.

  8. wendy

    just finished the book and loved it! looking for the next one. having problems finding all your books. Is there ONE website or place I can get them?????????????

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