Variety…The Spice of Literary Life.

I am an avid reader. Sure I have certain genres I prefer, but I explore books of all kinds from time to time. My choices in the genres I write in are the same. I wouldn’t say there is any genre that I would never write in, only certain ones that I prefer. I have found some of my favorite books in genres I didn’t think I would enjoy because when I find a writer I really like I often work my way through everything I find written by them. I have found that most books by the same author will have elements in common. Humor, suspense, character descriptions, and other elements are often handled in a similar fashion in everything an author writes. It is an expression of their personal style which is a large part of why they appeal to us. Love a writer and hate waiting for that next book in a series you are currently following? Try checking out their other books to see if you like them too even if they are not in your preferred genre. Many writers have a variety of genres they write in. The free sample many ebooks give you is a marvelous tool that allows you to see enough of a book to usually figure out if it will hold your interest or not.


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2 responses to “Variety…The Spice of Literary Life.

  1. Beverly

    I couldn’t put my nook down while reading. I read it at a picnic and took it to a wedding. I hope to read more of the White wolf series

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