The Next Great Literary Work

I often hear people asked, “How does someone become a good writer?” I think that there are a lot of things that go into that. A certain amount of creativity needs to be present and I think some of that has to be natural. I think there are ways to stretch your imagination, but you must have something there to work with. You also need a willingness to share with others. You have to be prepared to deal with rejection (lots of it), criticism (even once you are considered successful), and failure, because even once you are successful, most of us never truly please ourselves completely. I can write something and every time I look at it I see the need to improve on it. At some point, I have to let it go or I would never publish a thing.

I think you need to be around other writers. Not just good ones, but also struggling ones. You need to read, but not only the works of those that you think are good, but sometimes you learn the most from reading something you don’t really like at all. I’ve read some harsh reviews of books and the reviewer said the book was a waste of their time. I have read things I didn’t care for, but I have never read anything that was a complete waste of my time. At the least, they show you what mistakes you don’t want to make and reinforce what you truly like to read. But at the best, they can show you what other people like or don’t like to read. It can open you up to writing something completely different than your usual subjects so that you can appeal to a whole new group of readers and it can fill your brain with new inspiration and creativity.

There are so many things that go into becoming a good writer that I couldn’t possibly discuss them all. I will end with one more thing to think about. Never stop chasing your dreams, whatever they may be. If you want to be a good writer, follow that dream and never stop learning, improving, hoping, dreaming, and pursuing your next great literary work.

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