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As a writer, of course I believe in book reviews. Not all readers see the value in them. Why would it help you as a reader to take your time, which most of us agree there is never enough of, to review a book? If you are interested in the quality of the books you read, you should take the time to post a review. Most writers read each and every review that they are aware of. I know I do. I want to be the best writer I can be and I think most writers share this view. If you love something in a book and want to see that or even more of that in future books, say so in a review. Does something irritate you about the writing style of an author you love? Let them know. Maybe it is something they never noticed because no one ever pointed it out. I have been very lucky to get suggestions from my writer’s group and readers who have read my first book. I want to grow and improve and I do make changes because while I do write for myself, I also write for readers. A storyteller with no audience isn’t a storyteller at all.


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4 responses to “Book reviews

  1. Loved the forgotten ones. Looking forward to more.

  2. ann waldrop

    I downloaded your book from NOOK free books. I had not heard of you before. I really enjoyed Forgotten Ones and want to read more. I like a strong woman heroine. i felt the alpha hero was allowing himself to be pushed around by his brother who wants to still control him and the new pack as well. I hope in the future he will tell his brother and the council to back off trying to control his mate and her family. I also hope it’s true that you wanted feedback from your fans because I did love the book and don’t want to seem critical. Looking forward to the next.

    • Thank you. There are a total of four books in this free series so far. His brother is a bit controlling and manipulative but he honestly thinks he’s doing the right thing. His story will be # 5 in the series and who knows, he might become more likable if you know him better. It is important for an author to get feedback in order to grow and improve. I won’t say that I always take all suggestions or respond to all criticisms, that’s just not possible since those are often contradictory, but I do give them all serious thought and often do incorporate suggestions into my writing. I hope you enjoy the other 3 books in this series and Drake’s story which I will start before the end of the year.

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