What’s Up with Planet Amazon?

I have had several people wonder about the numbering on the Planet amazon books. Book I was published originally as one very long book. Some thought the book was too long. I noticed some formatting mistakes and decided to look at this as an opportunity instead of a problem. I corrected the mistakes that I was aware of and divided the book into Part 1 and Part 2. Since this was my first published book, I decided to make Part 1 free so that readers would get the chance to decide if they liked the series without risking their hard earned money. I know that when I read a book that I don’t enjoy, I don’t resent my wasted time nearly as much as when I feel like I wasted my money too. I rarely make that mistake since I have learned to use the free sampling option most books now have. I find that by the time the free sample ends, I have a very good idea of what the book is about and what the writer’s style is like.

There are currently three Planet Amazon stories with a total of four books and I do intend to write more though it will be some time before the fourth one is published. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome and can be posted on this blog or my facebook page at the following link- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crystal-Dawn/378841472210002  I also check reviews regularly to see what readers like and what can be improved. I thank everyone that reads my book because there’s no point in writing if no one’s reading it.Image

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Planet Amazon III Gemini Galaxy and Beyond

Planet Amazon III has just made its presence known on Smashwords. It is a continuation of the series taking up where Planet Amazon II left off. It introduces Imagenew characters, new elements, as well as planets Andrea has never even heard of.

Planet Amazon II Gemini Galaxy and beyond

*Note: It is recommended the series be read in order.

Planet Amazon III, Gemini Galaxy and Beyond picks up following Andrea where we left her in Planet Amazon II. She is about to embark on a historic journey further then she has ever been and further than she even expects to go. She will uncover some of the secrets of ancient Earth, legendary beings, and find herself caught up in a war between two kingdoms. When she is captured as an enemy soldier, what will her fate be? Will she find herself torn between a prince and a king or will those she loves find a way to free her?
Andrea finds herself once again dealing with new situations and the men not only of Gemini Galaxy but also of nearby galaxies. In the end, she wonders if the men and the situations are really all that different after all.

The following link will take you to another adventure.



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Variety…The Spice of Literary Life.

I am an avid reader. Sure I have certain genres I prefer, but I explore books of all kinds from time to time. My choices in the genres I write in are the same. I wouldn’t say there is any genre that I would never write in, only certain ones that I prefer. I have found some of my favorite books in genres I didn’t think I would enjoy because when I find a writer I really like I often work my way through everything I find written by them. I have found that most books by the same author will have elements in common. Humor, suspense, character descriptions, and other elements are often handled in a similar fashion in everything an author writes. It is an expression of their personal style which is a large part of why they appeal to us. Love a writer and hate waiting for that next book in a series you are currently following? Try checking out their other books to see if you like them too even if they are not in your preferred genre. Many writers have a variety of genres they write in. The free sample many ebooks give you is a marvelous tool that allows you to see enough of a book to usually figure out if it will hold your interest or not.


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Keepers of the Land

The first book of my new series, Keepers of the Land Book I McDougal Pack Alpha is now available on Smashwords and will be available at other places soon.




Mandi finds herself waking

Keepers 1 final resized again jfrom a drug induced sleep, in the arms of the handsome McDougal Pack’s alpha. But Mandi is a human, with no desire to be anything else. Just because the legendary white wolf blood might run through her veins, doesn’t give the werewolf council any say over her life. She may not be able to pick her relatives, but she can certainly choose the man she marries. Can’t she?

Mac doesn’t think the mate the council chose for him is going to work out for him at all. But when he meets her, he begins to wonder if she might not be the one he’s been looking for all along. She wants to fight him and the attraction that flares between them. He has a surprise for her. He’s a fighter and he’s enlisted an unexpected ally from her family. The white wolf herself is on his side and he doesn’t intend to stop until he wins.


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Free Books

I have had many readers asking me about free books. They are interested not only in books I have free, but those by other writers as well. There are many free books that are available. Some writers give all their books away like Nicky Charles and Jan Gordon and I love the were books both of them write. Others like Janet MacDonald, Calle Brookes, and T.A. Grey, give you a book or two so you can decide if you like their writing, which I do. They  write were based books as well as other stories. I find that it is easy to find free books on Smashwords were you can search for free books in the category you choose. I am sure it is not the only place, but it is one that I feel comfortable with since I publish my werewolf books through them.

Most writers stretch their talents and I find that once I get to know a writer through their werewolf books, I like the other books they write as well. I discovered I liked werewolf books when I read Nicky Charles because she was on Smashwords and an example of how to format a book if you wanted to publish with them which I did. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. It was addictive so I continued to read, found several other werewolf books, read them, then wrote one of my own. It opened up a whole new world for me and I wanted to share that world. It is my hope that my stories will give my readers even a small part of the enjoyment the stories these writers have given me.

*note- Oberlux by JDewayne Pierce is the first book I read on Smashwords. It is a sci fi/space fantasy. It is free and I enjoyed reading it. The price is definitely right!  


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Saying a Last Goodbye

Tuesday and Wednesday were not the best of days for me. My very good friend of many years passed away. Tuesday was visitation and Wednesday was the funeral. I went to both. She was one of those sweet, outgoing people that you could always count on for a kind word. She was always interested in what was going on with the people she cared about. Sometimes, people ask, but they don’t really want to hear about your life. My friend, Mary, was never like that. I know she lived a good life. She was a devoted mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She was almost like a favorite aunt, who is simply always there when you need her, and even though we only touched bases occasionally, I felt better just knowing she was around.

Eventually, I’ll smile whenever I think of her even though now, I only feel the sense of loss. I believe she is in a better place, and that place is even better for having her there. Maybe it is in the hopes of catharsis, but I added a funeral scene to my latest book. No, I’m not morbid, but I try to reflect things from life in the scenes from my books. Even if I try not to dwell on death, it is something we face everyday and most of us struggle with. I think the scene will work out well and I can thank Mary for inspiring me to take the book in a direction I hadn’t thought about before. Spring is about renewal and maybe this is a good time to reflect on those we have loved and lost. I will try to concentrate on all the things I loved about her and all the good that was part of her. When we do that, we always keep a part of them with us and we never have to say a last goodbye. Thank you Mary, wherever you are.


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Interview with Pedro Barrento, author of The Prince and the Singularity, A Circular Tale

ImageThe Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale is a take on the Creation myth, drawing from different religious and philosophical sources and mixing them in an original, challenging and often very funny way. It is written in a multi-layered format, allowing it to be read both as a simple and entertaining fable and as a deeply philosophical work, full of hidden references and satire.

Author Bio

ImagePedro was born in Mozambique 51 years ago, attended English schools in Lisbon and pursued his education until finishing a degree in Law. When he was around 33, Pedro decided there’s more to life than being a lawyer and tried his hand at various business activities, the most successful of which was a company that produced and managed rock bands. A year ago he decided to pick up again a long-forgotten hobby of his: writing. He started with a blog, mainly dedicated to political satire. Encouraged by the feedback from the blog Pedro then decided to try his hand at a whole book, an effort which resulted in the creation of The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale.

It’s the story of the Prince aka the Master aka Francis, who is more or less immortal and goes through the millennia fighting Desire and Rejection, the roots of all unhappiness and evil. He always fails until the moment he loses interest and decides to die, which he doesn’t. Instead he gets promoted. 

We’ve had a mix of creatures hanging around here, so it would be wise to be cautious. It seems every writer interviewed is leaving behind impressions of some of their stronger characters as well as the ones who are already following me around from my books. They are starting to chose sides, and I am concerned that fighting may break out. Pedro’s theory about where stories come from, may explain why this is happening. Pay close attention to where his ideas come from and see what you think.

You sound like a bit of a philosopher. Tell us a little something about yourself as both a person and an author:

I’m a maverick, a loner and someone who loves to think about problems too complicated to ever have a solution. I also have very peculiar beliefs, as I do not believe in the existence of God but I believe in the existence of spiritual dimensions. It’s a very uncomfortable position to be in, because religious people consider me an atheist and atheists just consider me incoherent.

What made you decide to be a writer?

I always wrote short pieces, mainly about political satire, and I have a blog dedicated to that (mostly in Portuguese, though).

One of my satirical pieces, “The Euro Crisis Explained to Grannies”, has now been viewed almost 14.000 times, so I guess at least some people must like it.

I then started having ideas for longer and more complicated stories.

What made you pick this genre to write?

My book is cross genre. It’s a mix of literary fiction with shades of Pratchett humour over a New Age background. I should’ve picked a genre but unfortunately I didn’t, which makes marketing the thing an uphill struggle of Himalayan proportions.

Tell us a little about your latest book.

My idea was to write a book that would simultaneously:

a) be funny (both funny peculiar and funny ha-ha);

b) could be read as a simple story that anyone could understand and appreciate;

c) had several “hidden” layers below the basic story that different people could read differently, depending on their cultural and religious backgrounds;

d) would mix concepts from different religions and philosophies, in a thought-provoking way.

While writing the book, I toyed with the idea of creating three different self-contained stories that could be read in any order whatsoever and would make sense either individually or in connection with the other two, but that proved to be too difficult and I abandoned the concept. As a leftover of that idea, though, chapters 1 to 12 make up a self-contained story of their own.

The book is a reflection of the Great Fusion Era in which we live, where lifestyles, religions, beliefs and economic and political systems are fusing together, with the inherent social confusion and clashes between cultures.

We live in times where people feel insecure and troubled, but these are epic times, the transition between one era and the next one.

The book is a reflection of all that. It fuses concepts from different religions (which has been done before) and, more importantly, it fuses religion with atheism, an exercise most people would consider a logical impossibility.

How do you come up with your ideas?

You’re going to think I’m completely nuts, but I believe all books are already written, in some other dimension. Writers get their stories when they somehow connect to that other dimension. As no writer is capable of receiving a whole book, what happens is that they receive some parts and then fill in the missing parts with their mind. The more parts they “receive”, the better writers they are. The parts they “fill in” tend to be the weakest bits of their books.

That’s what happened with my book. I suddenly “saw” parts of the story, usually in situations where I was totally relaxed and thinking of nothing in particular, especially while swimming or driving a car.

I wrote down those parts, which came in a non-sequential way (Ch.1, Ch.2,  Ch. 12, then Ch.9, etc). The book has 27 chapters. In the end, I had big chunks of the book written down and I had some parts missing in several places in the middle. Those parts I wrote with my mind, just trying to connect what had been “received”, if you may call it that way.

I have very little hope that you’ll believe my version of how the book was written but I can assure you it’s the truth.

Also the writing process was very odd, because on top of being non-sequential, I started by writing a draft in Portuguese, then someone translated that draft into English, then I rewrote the English translation because I thought it had lost the right “feel”. Afterwards I finished writing the book in English, meaning that 30.000 words were written in Portuguese, translated, rewritten by me and then 14.500 words were added directly in English. I then had to translate the part that was written in English into my own language, which is a very odd situation.

Actually, I don’t think you are nuts at all and I do believe you. I call it inspiration, but it doesn’t really matter what you call it. Is there someone in particular you would like to thank for supporting you through this process?

Lynn Curtis (http://www.lynncurtis.co.uk/), my editor and literary consultant must come first and foremost. In fact, I believe that calling her a literary consultant is an offense. She is a living goddess, no less.

Teresa Frederico, the person who revised the Portuguese version is also someone who deserves a HUGE “thank you”, especially as she did it for free (well, I promised her untold riches if the book is successful). I’d also like to thank Sandro Marques for several suggestions made while I was writing the initial Portuguese draft. Fernanda Gil and Paula Soto Maior have also helped in the graphic department, with several sketches for covers which unfortunately ended up not being used.

I don’t think we can give enough praise and credit to the people who help us achieve our dreams. Tell us one positive thing that has happened to you since you published your book(s).

People have finally stopped seeing me as a lawyer (which I hated) and now see me as a writer (which is a lot sexier)

Tell us one negative thing that has happened to you since you published your book(s).

I’ll tell you something that happened before I published the book.

I tested it extensively on several sites, especially on “authonomy.com” and I found out that writing a book which mixes sources from different cultures is a very delicate process. To my (probably naïve) astonishment, in the beginning, I was getting raving reviews from readers of Asian origin and very mixed reviews from American readers, which ranged from “great book” to “you’ll burn in hell”. I reached the conclusion that the “you’ll burn in hell” readers just weren’t understanding the book.

 I then added a Prologue, to make the book easier to understand to readers less familiarised with some of the philosophies involved and after that I’m glad to say I’ve stopped receiving “hate mail”.

Give us your links to learn more about you and your book

The book is available both as a paper book and an ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, etc., and all those sites allow you to read a sample.

I’ll leave you with the Amazon USA Kindle link, but whether that is the ideal link to check out the book depends on where each reader lives. Seen from some countries it will show a USD 2.99 price while seen from others it may show a price as high as USD 6.14, so people should choose the site most adequate for the country they live in:



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